Polymer processing

head: Zdeněk Kruliš
contact:  +420 296 809 436, e-mail krulis(a)imc.cas.cz


    The main activity of the laboratory is the research and development of thermoplastic-based materials and technology of their processing in molten state. It comprises especially clarification of relations among composition, mechanical, thermal and rheological properties of thermoplastics, including blends and composites, optimization of their composition based on requirements for their properties and optimization of technological conditions of their processing. A consecutive, but no less important activity of the laboratory, is development of recycling processes for thermoplastics and recycled materials.

    During development of materials the laboratory is in close cooperation with other laboratories of the Centre; in particular it uses results of determination of mechanical properties (Mechanical behaviour of polymers), measurement of rheological behaviour of materials in molten state (Morphology and rheology) and determination of thermal behaviour of materials and their thermo-oxidative stability (Chemical degradation and thermodynamics). The assessment of the whole complex of determined properties of the material is then the basis for formulation of material composition and its optimization according to the required end-use properties.

    Polymer material with even the best properties would be worthless for practical purposes if it could not be easily and well processed into the required products. Characterization of the processing properties of materials in their molten state is another important activity of the laboratory. Based on the determined behaviour of materials in their molten state and according to the defined method of processing, technological conditions of material processing and as the case may be also its necessary special additivation are optimized.



    The laboratory is well equipped with instruments for characterization of processing properties of thermoplastics (extrusion plastometers, high-pressure capillary viscometer, plastograph), equipment for preparation of materials in the laboratory scale, i.e. in volumes in the order from grams to several kilograms (single screw extruders, parallel co-rotating segment type twin screw extruder, counter-rotating continuous twin screw kneader) and for preparation of test specimens (hydraulic presses, injection moulding machine).



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