Mechanical behaviour

head: Jiří Kotek
contact:  +420 296 809 316, e-mail kotek(a)


    Mechanical properties are a basic condition for successful application of all materials, including polymers. In the laboratory, static and dynamic characteristics in various geometric arrangements in a wide range of loading rates and temperatures are evaluated. In addition to standardized tests, new types and tests are also developed.

    From the material point of view, the laboratory participates in optimization of properties of polymer materials by focused control of their structure. It is a control of superstructure of semicrystalline polymers and formation of polymer mixtures and composites, including nanocomposites.

For more detailed information on research work see the IMC website Nanostructured polymers and composites.




Static tensile, compression and bend tests

  • temperature range from -70 to + 250°C
  • loading rate up to 1000 mm/min
  • contact and contactless extensometers


Charpy and Izod impact tests, impact tensile tests

  • Charpy instrumented test
  • temperature range from -50 to + 80 °C


Dynamic mechanical analysis, rheometry


Creep and relaxation tests



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