Morphology and rheology

head: Miroslav Šlouf
contact:  +420 296 809 291, e-mail slouf(a)


    Morphology of polymer systems (phase structure, dispersion of fillers, size of crystallite domains etc.) strongly affects end-use properties (strength, stiffness, appearance, etc.). In the laboratory, superstructure of polymer systems in solid phase (morphology, microscopy), relations between structure and microproperties (micromechanical properties, rheology, creep) and development of phase structure in molten state (rheology with optical detection) are evaluated. The equipment corresponds to the three above-mentioned areas: the main part consists of light and electron microscopes optimized for the research of polymer systems, microscope-connected microhardness tester and micro-tensile testing device and rheometer with microscopic detection of morphological changes.

From the point of view of research, the laboratory runs its own projects projects focused on the structure of polymer materials, and partly cooperates with many research groups in the institute and outside (other institutes of the Academy, universities and firms in the Czech Republic; foreign cooperation with Poland, Germany, Italy, etc.). As far as the studied materials are concerned, the range covers almost all areas of polymer science: homopolymers, copolymers, polymer mixtures, polymer micro- and nanocomposites, porous membranes, hydrogels, polymer micro- and nanoparticles and self arranged polymer systems in water.



  • Morphology, microscopy
    • light and electron microscopy (LM, SEM, TEM)
    • microscopes optimized for modern polymer materials including
      nanocomposites, biocompatible hydrogels with high water content, etc
    • specialized laboratory for preparation of samples for electron microscopy of polymers (ultramicrotomy, staining, etc.)
  • Micromechanical properties and rheology with optical detection:
    • microdurometer and micro-tearing machine combined with light microscopes
    • rheometer integrated with the detection of transmitted and scattered light (LM, SLS)
    • creep of own construction with automated registration of experiment on PC


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