Optoelectronic materials and properties

head: Jiří Pfleger
contact:  +420 296 809 571, pfleger(a)imc.cas.cz


     The laboratory develops new polymer and composite materials for electronic and optoelectronic active components. It is focused especially on organic photovoltaic cells, light-emitting diodes, electrical and optical sensors and field-effect transistors (FET) for flexible printed electronics. The aim is to prepare these electronic components from soluble derivatives of semiconductive or conductive polymers using inexpensive casting or printing techniques.

    The basic research is focused on the phenomena of generation, transport and recombination of free charge carriers, charge transfer on the interface of materials, injection of charge from electrodes, photochromic transformation and on plasmonic phenomena in polymer composites with metal nanoparticles. The laboratory is engaged in the concept of molecular electronics, both on the experimental and theoretical level.



NOVOCONTROL broadband dielectric spectrometer

Apparatus for the time-of-flight and FET mobility measurements

Tuneable fs-laser system COHERENT with detection and accessories for ultra-fast transient optical spectroscopy HELIOS (ULTRAFAST SYSTEMS)



Measurement of electrical impedance for determination of electrical conductivity and electrical permittivity of powder samples, polymer films and layers in a wide range of temperatures (100 K – 500 K) and frequencies (10-3 – 109 Hz). The device offers also the possibility of broadband dielectric spectroscopy measurements for the determination of relaxation properties of polymers. Four-point measurement of electrical conductivity of conductive materials.

Measurement of charge carrier mobility in semiconductive materials.

UV-VIS-NIR optical absorption spectroscopy in the wavelengths range 190 – 3400 nm, including translucent materials.

Transient optical absorption spectroscopy of solutions and thin films with time resolution of 40 fs.


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