16th International Symposium
MAY 22-27, 2011
Institute of Macromolecular chemistry AS CR
22 May
23 May
24 May
25 May
26 May
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Wednesday, May 25

8:00 L3 U. Costantino
Modified hydrotalcites, a chemical kaleidoscope
8:45 K4 V. Pralong
Lithium intercalation into transition metal oxides: A route to generate new ordered rock salt type structure
9:15 O37 S. Si, A. Taubert, G. Rogez, P. Rabu
Peptide intercalated layered metal simple hydroxides: Effect of peptide chain length and side chain functionality
9:35 O38 E. Delahaye, S. Eyele-Mezui, M. Diop, R. Welter, M. Boero, C. Massobrio, P. Rabu, G. Rogez
From salicylaldehyde to chiral layered magnets: Functionalization of metal simple hydroxides with Schiff base complexes
9:55 O39 N. Zou, J. Plank
Intercalation of papain enzyme into hydrotalcite type layered double hydroxide
10:15 O40 K. Lang, E. Káfuňková, J. Demel, P. Kubát, J. Mosinger, F. Leroux, C. Taviot-Guého
Porphyrins intercalated in layered hydroxides
10:35 Coffee break
11:00 O41 L.J. Wang, Y.J. Feng, D.Q. Li
Highly selective IR absorption composites based on layered double hydroxides as additive for agriculture films
11:20 O42 A.M. Fogg, L.J. McIntyre, H.V. Goulding, S.E. Hulse
Synthesis of new layered and framework anion exchangeable hydroxides
11:40 O43 J.-Y. Uan, M.-Ch. Lin, F.-T. Chang
Rapid synthesis of Li-Al-carbonate layered double hydroxide in a metal salt-free system
12:00 O44 Q. Zhang, M.-Q. Zhao, J.-Q. Huang, D.S. Su, F. Wei
Guest-host mediated layered double hydroxides as extraordinary catalyst for 3D carbon nanotube fabrication
12:20 O45 K. Takai, T. Suzuki, H. Nishihara, T. Kyotani, T. Enoki
Magnetic properties of host-guest systems
12:40 O46 S. Heguri, Y. Tanabe, Q. Phan, G. Mu, J-T. Xu, Y. Murata, K. Komatsu, H. Sawa, K. Tanigaki
Structure and superconductivity of H2 endohedral C60
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Trip
19:00 Banquet


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