16th International Symposium
MAY 22-27, 2011
Institute of Macromolecular chemistry AS CR


Vítězslav Zima, Ladislav Kavan       


Jezerka Congress hotel
Seč-Ústupky, Czech Republic

Aims & Scope

The Symposium is the 16th in the series of biannual meetings on Intercalation Compounds, the first of which was held in La Napoule, France, in the 1977 year. Since then, it was held in many places in Europe, Asia and America. After successful and fruitful meetings in Seoul, Korea in 2007 and in Beijing, China, in 2009 the Symposium is again to be held in Europe.

The Symposium represents a unique opportunity for people studying intercalation compounds, chemists, physicists and materials scientists, to get together and share their ideas on this field of science. The Symposium covers the theme of the intercalation compounds in its broadest sense with the main topics, which will be communicated at ISIC16, listed below. This list, of course, is not fully exhaustive. The organizers welcome contributions providing new insights into the topics connected with the intercalation compounds.

Conference Topics

The following topics will be addressed at the Symposium:

Official Language

The official language is English, which will be used in all paper presentations and printed materials.

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