16th International Symposium
MAY 22-27, 2011
Institute of Macromolecular chemistry AS CR

Social Events

A Welcome party will be held on Sunday evening, May 22.

On Wednesday afternoon (25th May) a sightseeing trip to a medieval mining town of Kutná Hora will be organized.

The town of Kutna Hora lies about 30 km from the Symposium place (30-min ride by bus) and is famous for its gothic architecture, medieval silver mines and famous ossuary (bone chapel). Due to its historical and architectural importance the town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. More information of this interesting place can be found at the following websites:


Kutná Hora

Trips to interesting places in Eastern Bohemia will be arranged for accompanying persons. The details can be found on the web pages of the organizing travel agency: http://ahoj.czechian.net. Also a trip to Prague might be organized on Friday, May 27, for those participants who are interested.

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