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Monday, 2 July 2012

08:00 - 09:00


09:00 - 09:10


09:10 - 09:20

IUPAC Delegate (P. Kratochvíl)



J. Kopeček, C. Wang

09:20 - 10:00


R. Duncan (U.K.)

Polymer therapeutics as nanomedicines: The end of the beginning

10:00 - 10:30


P. S. Stayton (U.S.A.)

Intracellular delivery of biologic drugs

10:30 - 11.00 Coffee break



K. Ulbrich, D. Oupický

11:00 - 11:30


H. Ghandehari (U.S.A.)

Gold nanorod mediated hyperthermia enhances the delivery of HPMA copolymer-peptide conjugates to prostate tumors

11:30 - 12:00


J. Feijen (The Netherlands)

Biodegradable polymersomes for drug delivery

12:00 - 12:30


T. Bronich (U.S.A.)

Engineering of soft nanomaterials for drug delivery in cancer

12:30 - 14:00 Lunch



P. S. Stayton, T. Lammers

14:00 - 14:40


K. Kataoka (Japan)

Supramolecular nanomedicines for targeted cancer therapy

14:40 - 15:10


W. Hennink (The Netherlands)

HPMA-based polymeric micelles for targeted drug delivery

15:10 - 15:40


M. Shtilman (Russia)

Amphiphilic polymers – the new carriers for controlled release systems

15:40 - 16:10


G. Mező (Hungary)

Branched chain polymeric polypeptides as carriers for therapeutic tool

16:10 - 18:00 POSTER SESSION 1 (PC01-PC40) and Coffee break

PC01 F. Reyes-Ortega, G. Rodríguez, M.R. Aguilar, J.S. Román, M. Stenzel (Spain)
LMWH encapsulation using RAFT polymers modulates nanoparticles release and activity
PC02 P. Votavová, J. Tomala, V. Šubr, K. Ulbrich, B. Říhová, M. Kovář (Czech Republic)
HPMA copolymer-modified IL-2 possesses superior biological activity to free IL-2 in vivo
PC03 P. Matejicek, M. Uchman, V. Dordovic, Z. Tosner, K. Prochazka, J. Brus, A. Zhigunov, J. Plestil, P. Cigler, M. Lepsik (Czech Republic)
Poly(ethylene oxide) containing systems for drug dellivery of boron cluster compounds
PC04 I. Savva, O.-M. Marinica, A. Taculescu, L. Vekas, T. Krasia-Christoforou (Cyprus)
Magnetoresponsive nanocomposite membranes based on PEO/PLLA/Fe3O4: fabrication, characterization and evaluation in drug delivery
PC05 B. Blunden, D. Thomas, M. Stenzel (Australia)
Macromolecular ruthenium complexes as anti-cancer agents
PC06 D. Mocinecová, A. Kleinová, D. Dvoranová, D. Chorvát, I. Lacík (Slovakia)
FTIR and AFM surface characterization of polyelectrolyte complex microcapsules aimed at pancreatic islets encapsulation
PC07 J. Hašek, T. Skálová, J. Dušková, T. Koval´, J. Dohnálek (Czech Republic)
Hydrophilic polymers in bio-environment
PC08 G. Gorczyca, R. Tylingo, P. Szweda, S. Milewski (Poland)
Antioxidant properties of novel chitosan/collagen/gelatin scaffolds for biomedical applications
PC09 C.C. Chang, F.H. Hsu, T.M. Wu (Taiwan)
Preparation and characterization of water-soluble and multi-functional Pluronic/magnetite nanoparticles
PC10 M.R. Nabid, R. Sedghi, N. Mousavi Rad (Iran)
Divergent synthesis of dendrimer-like pH-responsive macromolecules for anti-cancer drugs controlled release
PC11 M.R. Nabid, S.J. Tabatabaei Rezaei (Iran)
Multifunctional, thermoresponsive and stable unimolecular micelles based on amphiphilic hyperbranched block copolymers for targeted-delivery and site-specifically release of anticancer drugs
PC12 I. Michalak, M. Mucha (Poland)
Chitin derivative as smart carriers for drugs
PC13 J.L. Hong, Y.W. Lai (Taiwan)
Complexation of amino drug to poly(N-isopropyl acrylamide) with sodium sulfonate terminals
PC14 J. Ruzickova, Z. Jouklova, M. Pravda, M. Pokorny, V. Velebny (Czech Republic)
Use of nanofibers for controlled release carriers
PC15 N.V. Nukolova, V.P. Baklaushev, A.S. Khalansky, G.M. Yusubalieva, M.A. Abakumov, A.V. Kabanov, V.P. Chekhonin (Russian Federation)
Nanogels: a platform for targeted delivery of cisplatin to brain tumors
PC16 M. Kai, H.-W. Pan, K.-W. Chang, W.-B. Liau (Taiwan)
Crystallization mechanism of co-existed α and α' forms of PLLA
PC17 S.H. Wang, I.N.S. Rosa, F.S. Boquimpani, H.T.T. Oyama, I.N. Cestari, L.E. Rodrigues Filho, L. Draghi (Brazil)
Electrospinning of polymeric nanofibers from biodegradable elastomer
PC18 S.H. Wang, M. Herescu, M.G. Silva-Valenzuela, H. Wiebeck, F.R. Valenzuela-Díaz (Brazil)
Facile synthesis of biodegradable amphiphilic block copolymers from poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) and preparation of microcapsules
PC19 J.H. Yu, M.L. Wu, W.B. Chung, H.C. Chaung (Taiwan)
Phosphatidylserine and phosphatidylcholine-containing liposomes improve the immunostimulatory activity of interleukin-18 as a vaccine adjuvant
PC20 S. Greco, C. Allais, G. Louit, J.-R. Authelin, M. Nakach (France)
Polymeric surfactants for stabilization of nanocrystals suspensions
PC21 T. Bautzová, A. Lamprecht, Y. Pellequer, M. Rabišková (Czech Republic)
Chitosan in the treatment of ulcerative colitis
PC22 G. Huerta-Angeles, M. Bobek, V. Velebny (Czech Republic)
Design of new N-acylated derivatives of Hyaluronic Acid and their crosslinking via click chemistry
PC23 A. Oyarzabal, A. Mugica, M. Zubitur (Spain)
Hydrolytic degradation of nanocomposites of poly(L-lactic acid) and layered double hydroxides modified with chloramphenicol succinate
PC24 O.A. Budkina, T.V. Demina, I.R. Zhivkova, T.J. Dorodnyh, N.S. Melik-Nubarov, I.D. Grozdova (Russian Federation)
Relationship between the structure of amphiphilic copolymers and their influence on cell viability and multi-drug resistance
PC25 V. Dordovic, M. Uchman, J. Plestil, A. Zhigunov, P. Matejicek (Czech Republic)
Hydrophilic copolymers based on poly(2-alkyl oxazoline) as a carriers of cobalt bis(dicarbollide) conjugates designed as HIV protease inhibitors
PC26 Ch.-M. Lin, Y.-J. Sheng, H.-K. Tsao (Taiwan)
Size-dependent properties of small unilamellar vesicles formed by model lipids
PC27 E. Maximova, E. Faĭzuloev, V. Izumrudov, N. Melik-Nubarov (Russian Federation)
Cationic nanogels as vehicles for gene and siRNA delivery in cell cultures
PC28 M.L. Wu, H.C. Chaung, W.B. Chung (Taiwan)
A co-expression vector with an antigen and TLR5-binding domain in a delivery system for vaccine development
PC29 P. Perdih, E. Žagar (Slovenia)
Synthesis of chitosan-graft-poly(L-glutamate)
PC30 A. Mihálová, M. Lahová, S. Bekešová, L. Škultéty, V. Proks, J. Kučka, I. Lacík (Slovakia)
Peptide-functionalized hydrogels for enhancing biocompatibility of encapsulating materials
PC31 E. Faizuloev, M. Gorshkova, A. Marova, I. Volkova, V. Izumrudov (Russian Federation)
Water-soluble modified chitosan as a promising vector for gene delivery
PC32 L. Servat, F. Reyes-Ortega, A. González-Gómez, M.P. Jorge, I.M.O. Sousa, N.C. Queiroz, P.M.W. Zago, M.H. Santana, J. San Román, M.A. Foglio (Spain)
Preparation of Arrabidaea chica particles using chitosan and tripolyphosphate sodium
PC33 B. Barros, P. Cardoso, F. Rouxinol, P. Ferreira, A. Serra, M.H. Gil, J. Coelho (Portugal)
Biodegradable vancomycin-loaded nanoparticles for ophthalmologic diseases – endophthalmitis
PC34 G. Érsek, Á. Szabó, B. Iván (Hungary)
Synthesis and characterisation of amphiphilic polymer conetworks based on polyisobutylene and poly(di(ethylene glycol) methyl ether methacrylate)
PC35 Ch.-M. Lin, H.-K. Tsao, Y.-J. Sheng (Taiwan)
Membrane properties of swollen vesicles: growth, rupture, and fusion
PC36 P. Stloukal, P. Kucharczyk, V. Sedlarik, M. Koutny (Czech Republic)
Preparation of submicroparticles from poly(lactide)-poly(ethylene glycol) block copolymer
PC37 H. Nakamura (Japan)
Tumor selective delivery of Zn-protoporphyrin conjugated hydroxypropylmethacrylamide polymer micelle for imaging and light induced antitumor effect
PC38 F. Borcan, C.M. Soica (Romania)
Polyurethane nanostructures used as drug carrier for pentacyclic triterpenes in cancer therapy
PC39 K. Koutroumanis, R. Holdich, S. Georgiadou (United Kingdom)
A novel micelle design for the pH-sensitive delivery of poorly water-soluble drugs
PC40 M. Kabešová, T. Etrych, M. Pechar, R. Pola, M. Fábry, K. Ulbrich, B. Říhová, M. Kovář (Czech Republic)
HPMA copolymer-bound doxorubicin targeted to BCL-1 leukemia with specific scFv fragment of monoclonal antibody B1

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