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The official language of the conference is English.

Presentations - technical aspects

Data-Video-Projector (XGA) connected to a local computer (running on Windows operating system) will be available for Powerpoint and PDF (full screen format) presentations. For other  facilities, please contact the organizers. Due to technical restrictions, participants will not be allowed to use their own computers for oral presentations. The presentation can be submitted in advance as an attachment by email (or similar means) to the conference office (sympo) or it can be uploaded to the local computer before the start of the session (starting from the Sunday registration and, preferably, at least one day before the lecture is scheduled). The technical staff will be ready to help participants to solve possible problems.


Area for mounting a poster: 110 cm high and 110 cm wide. Magnetic clippers and adhesive tapes will be provided.
Posters Printing Service

We can print your poster in the appropriate format, so as not have to travel with the poster´s tube.

Those interested should upload the file in PDF format through the registration form (Lecture/Poster section) by 21 June 2012.

The printed posters will be given to exhibitors at the registration desk at the Conference venue.

The cost of 110 x 110 cm poster printed in a high definition is 700 CZK and should be paid together with the registration fee or separately via the on-line registration system.

The deadline for sending the file is 21 June 2012.

Visa Information

It is the responsibility of the designated presenting authors to determine their visa requirements to enter the Czech Republic. Symposium organizers strongly encourage the presenting authors and all future attendees to review the visa requirements and to begin the visa application (as applicable) now. Registration fees will NOT be refunded due to inability to obtain a visa.

The information about visa requirements is on the webpage / Information for foreigners


We don´t provide the accommodation service. Accommodation has to be directly reserved by the participants via official websites, e.g., / services / accommodation. We also list several hotels and students dormitories near to the conference venue.

In case of a problem, please contact the Conference office.

Transport in Prague

Information about  all means of transport is published on Prague official web:
Information about public transport:
Due to closures at the time of the conference, Metro, tram and city buses will operate differently from than your city maps and guides show. Direct connection between airport and the conference venue (bus 179) remains unchanged. If you need travel from railway stations (Praha hlavní nádraží, Praha Holešovice) to the conference venue or from the airport or the conference venue to the City, please check the info about changes.
From the last day of the conference (5 July), Metro service will be restricted, what does not affect connection from the conference venue to the airport, but complicates connection from the City to both the conference venue and the airport.

Special congress tickets for reduced price for 2 - 5 July will be available to the participants.

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