The 6th Barrande Bioscience Meeting is organized with the aim to bring together French and Czech researchers in the field of Bioscience. It will gather scientists from both countries and is a wonderful opportunity to present and discuss the recent results, share experience and most importantly initiate new collaborations.

Seven research topics covering significant part of the bioscience field was selected and the presentations will be presented by the reputable scientists in the field. Young participants will join the conference with their results and the contact with the reputable mentors should further advance their scientific career.

Organized by

School of Biotechnology of Strasbourg, CNRS and University of Strasbourg, Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry CAS, under the auspices of French Institute in Prague and The Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS).

Conference Chairmen

Jean-Luc GALZI, PhD, Director of the UMR7242 "Biotechnology and Cell Signaling", France

Tomas ETRYCH, PhD, DSc, Institute of Macromoleculer Chemistry, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Main Topics

  • Chemistry in the cell
  • Drug delivery and vectors
  • Drug discovery and platforms
  • Bio-imaging and theranostic
  • Physiopathology and drug discovery
  • Animal models, organoids
  • Inflammation