Biomacromolecular and Bioanalogous Systems BIOMOL

Bioactive polymers


The field of research, in general terms, defined as "polymer systems for medicine, better quality of life and biotechnologies" is very topical, due to its growing importance and it is attracting a great deal of attention in  the professional community as well as among  the general public. The approaches developed in the BIOMOL here rank among the most progressive.
Each team is focused on one of the current trends in research on  polymers for biological systems and medical applications. Together they cover the whole field without significant overlaps between the teams, and deliberately  benefiting from sharing the instrumentation, knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles of bio/material interactions.
BIOMOL represents the core of the Institute’s participation in the project of the Biomedical and
Biotechnology Centre in Vestec (BIOCEV), which is composed  jointly of  six institutes of the ASCR and theCharles University in Prague.
Participation in BIOCEV will make it possible to form joint interdisciplinary research teams comprising polymer chemists and materials scientists, as well as biologists.


Otto Wichterle Centre of Polymer Materials and Technologies - CPMTOW

Centre of Biomedicinal Polymers - CBMP

Centre of Polymer Sensors - CPS

Polymers for Power Engineering - Energolab


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