Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry

Biomacromolecular and Bioanalogous Systems

RNDr. Tomáš Etrych, DSc.


The center of Biomacromolecular and Bioanalogous Systems (BIOMOL) is developing its scientific activity in the area defined as "Polymer systems for medicine, better quality of life and biotechnology", which is in today's world highly topical and fundamental issues not only for the scientific community but also for the general public. Through encompassing fundamental, molecular and theoretical aspects of macromolecular chemistry, physics, biotechnology, biology and medicine, the BIOMOL endeavor to rank among the most progressive research centers in the field within the Czech Republic and even in the EU.

Each team of the BIOMOL center is focused on one of the current trends in research of polymers for biological and medical applications. The individual research teams focus on modeling, design and synthesis of hydrogels and supporting structures (scaffolds) for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, polymers and polymer systems for targeted drug delivery, polymer therapeutics and diagnostics, polymer vaccines, development of antibody mimetic systems, preparation of functionalized magnetic micro- and nano-particles for various biomedical applications, development of new strategies for the controlled modification and characterization of surfaces and biomaterials and development of new methodological approaches for studying the interaction of polymer based materials and cells. Together they cover the whole field without significant overlaps between the teams, and deliberately benefiting from sharing the instrumentation, knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles of bio-material interactions.

BIOMOL represents the core of the Institute’s participation in the project of the Biomedical and Biotechnology Centre in Vestec (BIOCEV), which is composed jointly of six institutes of the CAS and the Charles University in Prague. Participation in BIOCEV makes it possible to form joint interdisciplinary research teams comprising polymer chemists, materials scientists and biologists.