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Topic Polymer drug carriers for immunooncotherapy
Supervisor Petr Chytil, PhD.
Department Biomedical Polymers
Description Immunotherapy became the highly studied type of tumor treatment, either independently or in combination with efficient chemotherapy in the last decade. Polymer drug carriers can be used for the increase of synergism of both these therapeutic approaches, and thus, to increase the tumor treatment efficiency by “immunooncotherapy”. Polymer drug carriers are non-toxic, non-immunogenic and biocompatible polymer materials enabling lower drug blood-clearance and minimization of side-effects.

The doctoral project theme will consist in the development of new polymer materials suitable as drug carriers enabling controlled release of active compounds in target, i.e. tumor tissue. The polymer materials will be formed by tailor-made hydrophilic or amphiphilic copolymers. The selection of proper immunomodulation agents and the type of their linkage to the carrier will be in the spotlight.

The theme is suitable for graduates of chemistry, eventually pharmacy. The student will learn new skills in the synthesis and methods of characterization and can participate in biological characterization in internal or international cooperating laboratories. We offer interesting and varied work in a well-established team of Biomedical polymers, affording hi-tech equipment and material background.