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Topic Transientní optická spektroskopie organických polovodičů
Supervisor Jiří Pfleger, PhD.
Consultant David Rais, Ph. D.
Department Polymers for Electronics and Photonics
Description The work will be focused on the experimental study of fast photoinduced electronic processes in organic semiconductors for polymer electronics and optoelectronics. Thin films of various planar pi-conjugated organic materials will be studied, in which the intermolecular interactions, important for the excited states dynamics, will be controlled by a targeted supramolecular structure formation. On thin films of oligomers and polymers based on polyacenes, derivatives of perylene, diketopyrrolopyrrole and thiophene such parameters like lifetime and diffusion length of excitons, processes of their dissociation, charge transfer and transitions between singlet and triplet states, like singlet exciton fission or exciton fusion will be studied. Particularly the last two processes are very promising for the increase of the efficiency of organic solar cells and electroluminescent diodes. In this research the rich supramolecular structure variability of these materials in solid phase will be exploited to manipulate the kinetics and efficiency of charge and energy transfer. The methods of supramolecular chemistry will be used to prepare highly organized polymer structures. Femtosecond time-resolved photoinduced transient absorption spectroscopy and transient charge carriers mobility measurements will be employed as the main experimental techniques.
Suitable for students with completed master studies in physical chemistry, polymer physics, biophysics and chemical physics