Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry

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Topic Synthesis and application of polymer-based vectors for the transport of therapeutic peptides
Supervisor Robert Pola, PhD
Department Biomedical Polymers
Description The topic of the thesis will be focused on the use of therapeutic peptides and their targeted transport using polymeric carriers to damaged or otherwise infected tissues. The development of therapeutic peptides has been extensively studied in the last decade due to new technologies of production, modification and analysis. The aim of the thesis will be the design of the structure, synthesis, physico-chemical characterization and biological activity of nanomedicine formulations designed for targeted multimodal therapy. The prepared polymer carrier with peptide should specifically target to the damaged tissue and at the same time influence the metabolism of the attacked cells. The content of the student's work will be the synthesis of selected peptides and their derivatives on the solid phase, the synthesis of monomers and polymer carriers with different architectures, the study of the attaching the peptides to polymer precursors, the physicochemical characterization of all prepared products and the in vitro study of the biological properties of the prepared conjugates on various cell lines.