Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry

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Topic Incorporation and controlled release of pharmacologically active compounds from hydrogel and nanofibrous polymer carriers
Supervisor Jakub Širc, PhD.
Department Polymer Networks and Gels
Description The PhD thesis will deal with the incorporation of biologically and pharmacologically active compounds to the polymer carriers and their consequent controlled release. The polymer carriers can be a) materials which primary function is the controlled delivery of a drug (e.g. a polymer carriers for local administration of anticancer drugs), b) materials with a different function where controlled drug release increases significantly its therapeutic efficacy (e.g. hydrogel wound dressings, macroporous hydrogel scaffolds for tissue engineering, tissue expanders). The research will be focused on the preparation of the polymer carriers and investigation of the effects influencing the release of the incorporated molecules according to the particular medicinal requirements. This PhD topic lies on the border of macromolecular, organic, physical and analytical chemistry. The research will be solved in cooperation with Czech and foreign collaborating institutions.