Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry

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Topic New polymer and hybrid materials for membrane gas and vapor separation
Supervisor Zbyněk Pientka, Ph.D.
Consultant Jakub Peter, Ph.D.
Department Polymer Membranes
Description Membrane gas separation is a new and dynamically developing technology with significant energy efficiency compared to conventional thermally controlled processes. The aim of this work is to prepare new types of membranes based on polymeric materials and characterize their physico-chemical properties. The work will deal mainly with the influence of various organic and inorganic additives on permeability and solubility of individual gases in these materials. The membranes with the desired properties will be further tested for the real mixtures. Particular attention will be paid to the materials for separation of CO2 from biogas or from flue gas power plants. Selected materials will then be prepared in the form of hollow fibers, which can be then embedded in a laboratory or a pilot-sized membrane modules, which represent further important steps to the real application of membrane separation of gases and vapors.