Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry

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Topic Functionalized responsive polymer microspheres
Supervisor Hana Macková, Ph.D.
Department Polymer Particles
Description Polymer microspheres find widespread applications in biochemistry, analytic chemistry, medical diagnostics, water purifications systems, etc. Research on these materials requires complex approach and deep interdisciplinary knowledge. The aim of the project is to take advantage of monodisperse polymer microspheres that are porous and contain functional groups to achieve selective separation of various compounds, including saccharides, alcohols, or organic acids. Optionally, the particles can be modified by an inorganic material, which introduces additional beneficial properties, such as magnetic or light responsiveness. This enables easy separation from complex mixtures by a magnet or field flow fractionation. The task will include the preparation of porous polymer microspheres using various polymerization techniques, functionalization, optionally precipitation of an inorganic material inside the pores, which will be followed by surface modification to suppress non-specific adsorption of undesirable biomolecules. Careful control of reaction parameters will be necessary for the production of microspheres that differ in morphology (particle size and distribution), composition, structure, and functional properties. At least but not last, the microspheres will be used by our collaborative partners in model experiments for separation of biological substances from complex mixtures.