Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry

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Topic Conducting polymers-based films for energy conversion and storage
Supervisor Patrycja Magdalena Bober, PhD
Department Conducting Polymers
Description Conducting polymers-based films suitable for electrodes for energy conversion and storage will be prepared directly during chemical oxidation of the monomer (aniline, pyrrole, etc.) on the surface immersed in the reaction medium or electrochemically. Electrochemical methods including potentiostatic, galvanostatic (constant potential or constant current) or potentiodynamic (e.g.: cyclic voltammetry) will be applied. Conducting polymer-based films can be also cast from colloidal solutions. The colloid systems will be prepared by oxidation of a monomer with an oxidant in the presence of a water-soluble polymer (a stabilizer). A variety of modern characterization techniques such as advanced methods of energy-resolved electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, vibrational spectroscopy methods, various microscopy techniques, and temperature dependent AC and DC conductivity measurements will be used to understand the relation between the molecular structure, micro-structure and macroscopic properties of such conducting films. A significant part of the research will be focused on the electrochemical properties of these materials and their application as supercapacitors.