Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry

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Topic Polymer materials with antibacterial effects
Supervisor Petr Chytil, PhD.
Department Biomedical Polymers
Description The resistance of bacteria to antibiotics and bacterial inflammation of mucosa are serious medical problems. Investigation of materials enabling to overcome protective barriers of bacteria and their plaques or protection against their adhesion to mucosa should increase the treatment efficiency of diseases and infections caused by bacteria. In advance, biocompatible polymer materials can be used either as drug carriers overcoming biological barriers or as materials protecting against the dissemination of bacterial inflammation.

The project theme will consist in the preparation and study of properties of new polymer materials suitable as carriers of antibiotics aiming to bacterial infections and related symptoms. Polymer materials will be designed as polymer carriers of antibiotics, enabling their controlled activation, or intended for the prevention of adhesion of bacteria on human mucosa.

The theme is suitable for graduates of chemistry, eventually pharmacy. The student will learn new skills in the synthesis and methods of characterization and can participate in biological characterization in internal or international cooperating laboratories. We offer interesting and varied work in a well-established team of Biomedical polymers, affording hi-tech equipment and material background.