Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry

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Topic Nanoparticles for photoacoustic imagining studied by the photoacoustic (and) vibrational spectroscopy
Supervisor Ivana Šeděnková, PhD
Department Vibrational Spectroscopy
Description The photoacoustic imagining based on the photoacoustic (PA) effect is used in the biomedical diagnostic. The development of suitable nanoparticles is a challenge of recent years. This imagining technique uses a near infrared laser to stimulate the PA effect. The interaction with laser leads to absorption of radiation, heating up of the sample; subsequently, the thermal expansion of the surrounding medium is detected as thermal waves. The near infrared spectroscopy coupled with photoacoustic cell enable to study the materials and its response to the excitation in suitable spectral region. The combination with other methods of vibrational spectroscopy, mid-FTIR and Raman, allows studying the molecular structures of the materials and their influence on their possible application as an agent for photoacoustic imaging.