Studies - Biomedical Polymers

PhD Studies

Topic Supervisor /
Polymer carriers for the treatment of stroke Petr Chytil, Ph.D.
Synthesis and application of polymer-based vectors for the transport of therapeutic peptides Robert Pola, PhD

Our Department is fully opened to talented and diligent students who aim to participate in the research of polymeric biomaterials usable in medicine. Students can perform their bachelor's, master's and doctoral theses in our Department in cooperation with the most prestigious Czech universities. We also offer the so-called doctorate under double supervision in cooperation with foreign universities. We provide students with the environment of a top scientific workplace at the international level and we expect students to be fully involved in their topic.

Currently, 6 PhD students and 4 master students are working towards their theses within the department.

A list of the actual offered topics is at the top of the page.