Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry


The Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry CAS protects some of the research results by patents or as a proprietary know-how to be offered for licensing. Following is a list of new technologies and know-how that are presently open for licensing.

Biomedical Polymers and Devices

  • Reactive N-(2-hydroxypropyl)methacrylamide polymers for polymeric drugs, gene delivery and modification of proteins
  • High-molecular-weight polymer carriers and their conjugates with anti-cancer drugs for solid tumor treatment
  • Macromolecular conjugates for separaton, immobilization and imaging of proteins
  • Macromolecular conjugates for imaging and separation of proteins and cells
  • Temp-sensitive polymer adjuvants
  • Method of preparation of controlled fibrin layers on solid surfaces
  • Biomaterial based on cells and nanofibre layers for tissue replacements and a method of its preparation
  • Set of nanoparticles for multiple ultrastructural labelling
  • Remote detection of moisture in nappies
  • Polymer brushes resistant to the deposition of components of biological media, method of their preparation and their applications
  • Polymer on the basis of polysaccharide and its use for prophylaxis and therapy of Wilson´s disease
  • Radioiodinated choline analogs, their preparation and uses as drugs
  • Photoactivable nanoparticles for photodynamic applications, pharmaceutical composition and uses thereof
  • Vocal fold replacement and a method of its tuning
  • Stabilizing compound for polyethylene, polyethylene and method of its preparation, polyethylene implants

Polymers and Applications

  • Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles and microparticles
  • Hybrid polymeric stabilizer with sterically hindered piperidine and phenol moieties
  • Antioxidants for self-stabilized elastomeric polyurethanes
  • A compatibilizer for polyolefin-polystyrene blends
  • Recycling commingled plastic waste to tough thermoplastic materials
  • Method of recycling of waste polyurethane foams
  • Polyols prepared from waste polycarbonate
  • Nanotubes based on titanium dioxide
  • Chemically modified starch biodegradable composition and method of preparation thereof
  • Method of separation of hydrogen from gas mixtures
  • Polymeric aliphatic ion-exchange materials and their application
  • Composite membranes for gas mixtures separation and method of their preparation
  • Method for producing heterogeneous ion-exchange membranes
  • Anion exchange membranes based on block copolymer of styrene and olefins
  • Method of displaying alphanumeric information
  • Adjustable lighting element
  • Process of preparing polymer materials
  • Electroinsulating composite material and the method of its synthesis

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