Oxygenerator succeeded in Hack the Crisis

Oxygenerator invented by the IMC scientists in cooperation with the Czech membrane producer MemBrain, Ltd differs from other oxygenerators by its hollow fibre membrane, which filters 100% of all viruses, bacteria and impurities contained in the air. Additional oxygen goes up to 45% of higher content.

The key component of the unit is the membrane module based on the hollow fibre membrane. The membrane permeates oxygen eight times faster than nitrogen, the main part in the air. Therefore, the oxygen enhancement comes into effect outside of the fibre.

HFM needs pressurized air to be brought in, implementing a common (non-oily) compressor proved as fully functioning.

We wish this innovative idea a successful and useful aplications!

Zbyněk Pientka, Jan Žitka, Jakub Peter from Polymer membranes dept.