Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry

In and out of Synch

Dates: 8.09.2004  –  24.09.2004
Author: Sonja Hinrichsen
Video presentation
Official opening: 7.09.2004 19:30

In and Out of Synch

During my artist residency at the Mayrau Mine, which closed in 1997 and is now a museum documenting the mining era of the Kladno vicinity, I explored aspects of the mining history. Wandering around the mine buildings, documenting its facilities, as well as those of a more modern mine, I tried to get a sense of the old mining spirit. Interviewing former miners, who are now involved in the maintaining of the Mayrau museum, gave me a lively impression of everyday life of the mining community. Particularly their descriptions of their work experiences were valuable information for me.

In my video piece I chose to use the mining machine of the Mayrau shaft as a key element, not only because it is treated with a lot of pride and respect within the museum, but also because it was the motor of all mining activity. The machine took the workers down into the subterranean tunnels and hauled the product of their hard and often dangerous work out of the ground. It determined the pace of production and consequently that of each miner's part in this process. Within this mechanic rhythm I tried to give the records and personal memories told to me by former miners a voice.

The exhibition is temporarily suspended for technical reasons (projector).