Ústav makromolekulární chemie AV ČR

Stimuli-responsive polymers for bioapplications: From drug delivery systems to sensors

prof. Mgr. Martin Hrubý, Ph.D., DSc.
Přednáška cyklu VIS
21.3.2024 10:30, Přednáškový sál A

Self-assembly of molecules into complex supramolecular units with qualitatively new properties is in the chemical foundations of life and is the essence of the ability of living organisms to react to the external environment. A specific case occurs when the hydrophobic part of the molecule, or the part of the molecule responsible for self-assembly significantly changes its physico-chemical properties, such as solubility in water, by the action of an external stimulus (changing temperature, pH, etc.). Then the self-assembly of such a system is controlled by such external stimulus and we are talking about systems sensitive to external stimuli. Several such systems designed for biomedical applications (more specifically, polymer theranostics and electrochemical polymer sensors of pathophysiological conditions) will be presented in the lecture.

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