Ústav makromolekulární chemie AV ČR

Preparation of polypeptide microgels and determination of their nanomechanical properties by AFM

Mgr. Oleksii Kotko
Přednáška cyklu VIS
29.2.2024 15:00, Klub B

Soft microgels are attractive for bioapplications, such as tissue engineering, delivery systems, or cell encapsulation, because they meet their specific requirements for mechanical properties of these soft hydrogel materials. Nevertheless, defining their mechanical properties in swollen state is challenging due to a sample handling. This study presents the synthesis of the large polypeptide microgels by HRP-mediated crosslinking in inverse suspension, their characterization by the light microscopy, their immobilization on substrates and subsequent investigation of their surface and nanomechanical properties by the atomic force microscopy in swollen state.

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