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Polyvalent Interaction in Conjugated Polymers and Graphenes - Application in Energy Devices

Kothandam Krishnamoorthy
Přednáška hosta ústavu
14.9.2023 10:00, Klub B

Polyvalent interaction is ubiquitous in nature. In my talk, I shall discuss how polyvalent interaction is useful in disassembling micelles and the preparation of hydrophobic nanopores using conjugated polymers. Then, I shall discuss how polyvalent interaction was used to suppress polysulfide dissolution in lithium-sulfur batteries while using graphene and crosslinked conjugated polymer as hosts. In the final segment of my presentation, I shall discuss the use of polyphenols in converting various insulating substrates into conducting substrates. Those substrates are used to prepare flexible and compressible energy storage devices along with conjugated polymer active materials.

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