Ústav makromolekulární chemie AV ČR

Infection resistant polymer brushes on biodegradable polymeric scaffold

Prof. Sampa Saha
Přednáška hosta ústavu
15.6.2023 10:00, Přednáškový sál A

Bacteria assisted infections on biomaterials used as implant/device are one of the major threats to human health. Microbial resistant coatings on biomaterials can potentially be considered to mitigate the biomaterial associated infections. Usually bio-materials with leachable antimicrobial coatings, though economically attractive, provide only short-term protection of the surface against bacteria. Therefore, a stable, non-fouling or bactericidal and biocompatible polymeric coating is highly desirable. In this regard, infection resistant polymer brushes, defined as polymer chains covalently tethered to surface by one end, with suitable anti-infective functionality represent a useful class of non-leaching coatings. In this particular talk, I will discuss about a new strategy for constructing highly antibacterial as well as cytocompatible mixed polymer brushes onto the surface of 3D printed scaffold made of biodegradable tartaric acid based aliphatic polyester blends. Antibacterial efficacy and biocompatibility of these brush modified surfaces was evaluated in vitro as well as in vivo using mouse model. Overall, this study shows that a fascinating combination of infection resistant and cytocompatible surface can be generated onto biodegradable polymeric surface by modulating the surface hardness, flexibility and hydrophilicity by selecting appropriate functionality of the copolymeric brushes grafted onto them, making them an ideal non-leaching, anti-infective, haemocompatible and cytocompatible coatings for biodegradable implant.

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