Frontiers of Polymer Colloids: From Synthesis to Macro-Scale and Nano-Scale Applications. 12-16 July 2020, Prague, Czech Republic. Chairman: Daniel Horak.


  • Preparation of advanced polymer and/or inorganic colloids, living polymerization systems, kinetics and mechanism, micro- and nano-encapsulation, core-shell and hollow particles, engineered surfaces, computer simulations.
  • Biomedical aspects: particles for life sciences, drug and gene delivery, biomedical diagnostics, sensors. Colloids in nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine.
  • Stimuli-responsive colloids, self-assembled systems, interfacial phenomena, characterization and physicochemical properties.
  • New trends in industrial applications: coatings, adhesives, catalysis, paper, textile, optical devices, energy storage.

The 84th Prague Meeting on Macromolecules – “Frontiers of Polymer Colloids: From Synthesis to Macro-Scale and Nano-Scale Applications” will focus on the latest innovative development in synthesis and characterization of polymer colloids both for life sciences and industry. The meeting will bring together multi-disciplinary experts from both academia and industry in the areas of polymer and material science, pharmaceutics, imaging, biology, and medicine.

International Advisory Board Members and Main Lecturers

  • J. M. Asua (Spain)
  • M. Ballauff (Germany)
  • E. Bourgeat-Lami (France)
  • S. A. F. Bon (UK)
  • J. A. Capobianco (Canada)
  • M. Cunningham (Canada)
  • M. S. El-Aasser (USA) - closing lecture
  • A. Elaissari (France)
  • C. J. Hawker (USA)
  • P. Lacroix-Desmazes (France)
  • K. Landfester (Germany) – opening lecture
  • P. P. Li (Hong Kong)
  • H. Minami (Japan)
  • M. Monteiro (Australia)
  • Y. Nagasaki (Japan)
  • M. Okubo (Japan)
  • B. Reck (Germany)
  • J. Tsavalas (USA)
  • A. M. van Herk (Singapore)
  • M. A. Winnik (Canada)
  • K. L. Wooley (USA)
  • P. Zetterlund (Australia)

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