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Topics of PhD Studies

Topics for 2019/2020

Upgrade of thermoset composites via self assembled structures based on modified carbon nanoplateletsIvan Kelnar
Advanced nanocomposites for smart material applicationsAdam Strachota
Biodegradable polymer systems for medical applicationsMiroslav Šlouf
Incorporation and controlled release of pharmacologically active compounds from hydrogel and nanofibrous polymer carriersJakub Širc
Polymer drug carriers for experimental therapyPetr Chytil
Polymer drug carriers for immunooncotherapy (assigned)Petr Chytil
Polymer probes for image-guided endoscopic surgery of solid tumorsTomáš Etrych
Polymeric systems for selective transport of cytostatic drug and STAT3 inhibitors to solid tumorsLibor Kostka
Injectable biomimetic hydrogels for regenerative medicineVladimír Proks
Polymer-modified nanoprobes for multimodal imaging in life sciencesDaniel Horák
Biodegradable polyurethane foams from renewable raw-materials: synthesis and characterizationHynek Beneš
Use of ionic liquids for preparation of polymer materialsHynek Beneš
Dynamic surface tension in polymer melts.Josef Jůza
Polymeric materials for advanced applications: structure, properties and processingZdeněk Starý
Multifunctional materials based on electrically conductive polymer compositesZdeněk Starý
Functional polymer nanodiagnostics for 31P magnetic resonance imaging: New paradigm for noninvasive imaging agentsMartin Hrubý
Reactive oxygen species and pH-responsive nanocarriers: Innovative smart nanomedicinesAlessandro Jäger
Self-assembled structures of amphiphilic gradient copolymers for modern applicationsJiří Pánek
Self-assembled multiresponsive polymer systems for biomedical usePetr Štěpánek
Structural characterization of materials suitable for ionic polymer batteries using NMR spectroscopyLibor Kobera
Multifunctional hybrid metal-organic frameworks for Li-ion batteries and fuel-cell applications: synthesis, structure and ionic dynamics.Jiri Brus
Consequences of individual blood plasma variability and protein pathophysiology on fouling and performance of optical biosensorsTomáš Riedel
Bioactive coatings promoting spontaneous endothelialization of vascular vessel graftsTomáš Riedel
Isotope effect in the vibrational spectroscopy of nanostructured conducting polymers and oligomersIvana Šeděnková
Research of polymers and hybrid systemes for photonics and electronicsVěra Cimrová
Transientní optická spektroskopie organických polovodičůJiří Pfleger
Polymer memristorsJiří Pfleger
Quantum chemical modeling of metal/polymer nanocompositesPetr Toman
Selective polymer therapeutics for eradication of cancer cells and specifically cancer stem cells along with deep view of intracellular communication by exosomesJanoušková Olga
Particulate contrast agents for photoacoustic tomographyMichal Babič
Self-assembled multilayer film coatings of biomaterials for protein release.Dana Kubies
Systems for delivery of pro-angiogenic growth factors to support vascularization of polymer scaffolds in bioapplications.Dana Kubies

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