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Topics of PhD Studies

Topics for 2018/2019

Effect of modified graphene oxide on performance of multiphase polymer systemsIvan Kelnar
Upgrade of thermoset composites via self assembled structures based on modified carbon nanoplateletsIvan Kelnar
Biodegradable polymer systems for medical applicationsMiroslav Šlouf
Polymeric coatings: understanding of physicochemical processes during formation of functional polymer layersMiroslava Dušková Smrčková
Hydrogels for cell cultivation - design, swelling and deformation behavior of 3D structures.Miroslava Dušková Smrčková
Incorporation and controlled release of pharmacologically active compounds from hydrogel and nanofibrous polymer carriersJakub Širc
Delivery systems for treatment and diagnosis of inflamatory deseasesTomáš Etrych
New Generation of Targeted Polymer CancerostaticsMichal Pechar
Polymer carriers for drugs with new types of biodegradable spacersMartin Studenovský
Injectable biomimetic hydrogels for regenerative medicineVladimír Proks
Biodegradable Nanogels from Biocompatible Polymer PrecursorsVladimír Proks
Magnetic nanoparticles with antibacterial properties: Synthesis, characterization and biological applicationsDaniel Horák
Hydrophilic thiol-functionalized polymer materials for biomedical applicationsHana Macková
Biodegradable polyurethane foams from renewable raw-materials: synthesis and characterizationHynek Beneš
Dynamic surface tension in polymer melts.Josef Jůza
Multifunctional materials based on electrically conductive polymer compositesZdeněk Starý
Self-assembled polymer systems simultaneously responsive to multiple stimuliMartin Hrubý
Polymeric vesicles and their interactions in various environmentsJiří Pánek
Polymer electrolytes suitable for lithium polymer batteriesSabina Abbrent Nováková
Multifunctional hybrid metal-organic frameworks for Li-ion batteries and fuel-cell applications: synthesis, structure and ionic dynamics.Jiri Brus
Polysaccharides, investigation of their structure, dynamics and interactionsMartina Urbanová
Study of surface parameters and responsive behavior of different non-fouling polymer brush systems (assigned)Ognen Pop-Georgievski
Macromolecular avenues for the creation of bio-inspired hierarchically structured surfacesOgnen Pop-Georgievski
Bioactive coatings promoting spontaneous endothelialization of vascular vessel graftsTomáš Riedel
Study of the initial self-assembly processes during the formation of biomimetic anchor layersJan Svoboda
Singlet fission in organic semiconductors for solar cells.Jiří Pfleger
Quantum chemical modeling of metal/polymer nanocompositesPetr Toman
Synthesis and functionalization of polymers for use in electrochemistry and preparation of ion selective membranes.Miroslav Otmar
Novel polymeric materials for membrane processesZbyněk Pientka
Selective polymer therapeutics for eradication of cancer stem cells along with deep view of intracellular communication by exosomes and microvesiculesJanoušková Olga
Self-assembled multilayer film coatings of biomaterials for protein release.Dana Kubies
Systems for delivery of pro-angiogenic growth factors to support vascularization of polymer scaffolds in bioapplications.Dana Kubies
Advanced macromolecular vaccines against cancer diseasesRichard Laga

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