MSc. Dana Kubies, PhD
TopicSelf-assembled multilayer film coatings of biomaterials for protein release.
AnnotationThe important factor supporting integration of biomaterials with the tissue of recipient in biomedical applications is immobilization of biologically active substances on the biomaterial surface. The layer-by-layer (LbL) method is a powerful technique for the fabrication of multilayer films by complementary interactions between components, such as positively and negatively charged polymers. The technique has been also used to produce biocompatible self-assembled coatings as a reservoir of biomacromolecules. The project aims to obtain a hydrolytically degradable multilayer coating via LbL method for sequential release of growth factors and to study the assembly/disassembly dynamics, the physicochemical and morphological properties of the coatings. The effect of the immobilized growth factors on proliferation and differentiation of cells in vitro will be evaluated in cooperation with a biological laboratory. The topic is appropriate for graduate students in Chemistry, particularly macromolecular chemistry, physical chemistry or eventually biochemistry.
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