Miloš Netopilík, Ph.D.
TopicBranched and grafted polymers and copolymers studied by a combination of statistic and physical - chemical methods
AnnotationBranched and grafted copolymers are precursors of supramolecular structures e.g., gels and other self assembled polymer systems. They are engaged in numerous industrial applications, as energy industry, ecology or construction materials. Although the basic theoretical approaches to the mechanism of branching were formulated in the fifties and sixties of the last century, the mechanism of branching and grafting is still an inspiration to studies of the mechanism of the formation of such structures. Special issue is the study of properties of such molecules by size exclusion chrommatography (SEC), especially if it is equiped by detectors of light scattering or a viscosity detector. The candidate of the doctor study in this area is expected additionally to the individual approach to the application of theoretical procedures in this area also to master the experimental procedures of the laboratory oriented on physical chemistry, and apply and develop the construction aspect of such methods. In IMC ASCR are all these requirements met.

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