Dr. Tomáš Riedel
TopicBioactive coatings promoting spontaneous endothelialization of vascular vessel grafts
AnnotationThe surface of biomaterials that are in long-term contact with blood (e.g., vascular prostheses, stents) triggers inflammatory processes of the organism leading to activation of the coagulation cascade and formation of thrombi, and to a subsequent graft failure. The aim of this work is the development of coatings that would suppress activation of the coagulation cascade and immune response of the organism, while actively encouraging the formation of endothelium on the surface of vascular prostheses after their implantation. One approach will be based on coating the internal surface of a synthetic and decellularized vessel with a fibrin network that will be modified by bioactive molecules such as heparin, growth factors, oligosaccharides, and other bioreceptors specifically promoting the adhesion of progenitor endothelial cells. An alternative approach will be based on suppressing the unwanted body reactions by means of so-called polymer brushes and their subsequent functionalization by the above-mentioned biomolecules. We assume that, after implantation, heparin will suppresses the coagulation cascade, while the other bioactive molecules will promote endothelialization of the graft by capturing progenitor endothelial cells from blood. The research will be conducted in collaboration with biologists and physicians from the Biotechnology and Biomedical Center of the Academy of Sciences and Charles University (BIOCEV), the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM) and the University Hospital Tuebingen in Germany.
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