Ing. Ognen Pop-Georgievski, Ph.D.
TopicMacromolecular avenues for the creation of bio-inspired hierarchically structured surfaces
AnnotationStructured polymer surfaces capable of suppressing protein adsorption from biological media while presenting biologically active components have been of great interest for the surface engineering of various biotechnological and biomedical devices.
The main objective of the thesis is set on developing new macromolecular and surface modification avenues for the creation of bio-inspired hierarchically and spatially structured surfaces. The surface structuring will be performed through the combination of different surface patterning techniques and controlled surface initiated polymerizations such as atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) and its counterpart visible-light-mediated metal-free ATRP, reversible addition fragmentation transfer (RAFT), single electron transfer living radical polymerization (SET-LRP), etc.
During the graduate studies the student will become instrumental in various surface sensitive techniques such as spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE), infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy (IRRAS), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, quartz crystal microbalance (QCMD), surface plasmon resonance (SPR) spectroscopy, etc.
The developed bioinspired hierarchically structured surfaces will be used in designing cell-based interfaces for advanced biomedical studies, e.g. for tissue engineering and biosensing.
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