Jindřich Hašek
TopicStructure and function of active macromolecular complexes and polymer interactions
Annotation"Nature developed enormous number of molecular machines where chemical reactions take place in a well defined sequence with well oriented reaction components in exactly defined places. These systems, essential for life, can be observed with high accuracy by diffraction methods, and their function can be modeled by simplified quantum chemical tools. Perfect knowledge of the principle states of these systems allows a modification of properties sometimes by relatively simple tools. The thesis aim is an elucidation of properties of polymers specifically adsorbed into the protein systems and the use this knowledge for preparation of quality samples for structure determination of selected enzymes, complete structure analysis of selected systems in atomic resolution and interpretation of structure-function relationships. The project includes works with structure databases of polymers, proteins, organic compounds, molecular modeling, graphics, protein crystallization, measurement at the sources of synchrotron radiation, experimental determination of protein complexes by diffraction methods, comparative analysis, etc. Examples of our papers are at the address

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