Dr. Jiri Brus
Consultant Dr. Sabina Abbrent
TopicMultifunctional hybrid metal-organic frameworks for Li-ion batteries and fuel-cell applications: synthesis, structure and ionic dynamics.
AnnotationThe development of hybrid and full electric vehicles raises the demand for electrical energy generation and storage devices. Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) in dehydrated state with its well-defined porous architecture that allow Li-ions to be stored and reversibly inserted/extracted, predetermines MOFs to be explored as electrode as well as electrolyte materials for Li-batteries (LiBs). In hydrated state Li-enhanced MOF hybrid materials exhibit remarkable potential as membranes for fuel-cell applications. Many drawbacks however, still have to be overcome. Improvements in these fields thus require exploration of innovative electrochemistry and new concepts for material design with the help of rich MOF chemistry. The purpose of our currently opening research project is thus improvement of hybrid MOF materials. A possible way how to modify MOF toward a better performance in LiBs applications is utilization of metallacarborane compounds. Given their inherent robustness in a wide range of conditions, electron-delocalized skeletal bonding, amphiphilic behavior and ability to accommodate metal atoms in the cage framework, metallacarboranes are perfect candidates for electronic applications. The project is thus focused on the synthesis of hybrid MOF systems modified by various Li salts (optionally combined with selected polymers) and subsequent optimization of their composition with respect to mechanical and physicochemical properties. Simultaneously the selected and most promising candidates will be subjected to a range of physicochemical characterization techniques amongst them solid-state NMR spectroscopy will be particularly useful for probing structure and ionic dynamics.
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