Jiří Horský, PhD
TopicStudy of copolymers and their assemblies by mass spectrometry and separation methods
AnnotationCopolymers increase structural and functional diversity of polymer systems. Growing interest in copolymers is given by their propensity to self-assemble in solution, melt and on surfaces. Due to their unique properties, copolymers are used in paints, coatings, cosmetics, drugs as well as in advanced engineering materials. The rational design of such applications requires knowledge of the structure property behavior. Necessarily, the starting point is sufficient copolymer characterization, complicated not only by the polydispersity but also by compositional heterogeneity. The first part of the project will deal with analysis of copolymers with respect to molecular weight and composition, including distributions of these quantities, emphasizing the use of MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry and Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC). In the second part, the heterogeneity effect on formation of micelles and nanoparticles will be evaluated using scattering methods in combination with SEC and field-flow fractionation.

Otto Wichterle Centre of Polymer Materials and Technologies - CPMTOW

Centre of Biomedicinal Polymers - CBMP

Centre of Polymer Sensors - CPS

Polymers for Power Engineering - Energolab


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