Hynek Beneš, PhD.
TopicBiodegradable polyurethane foams from renewable raw-materials: synthesis and characterization
AnnotationIn recent years, considerable attention has been paid on polyurethanes (PU) containing structural biodegradable units of polyester-polyols. The polyols are thus often tailored with respect to a final application, while commercially available aliphatic polyisocyanates are often used as the second raw material for polyaddition. This approach enables to prepare biodegradable linear and thermoplastic PU (TPU), whereas the more-demanded crosslinked PU, biodegradable PU foams, cannot be produced due to low reactivity of aliphatic isocynates and/or ecotoxicity of their aromatic analogs.
The PhD topic is focused on alternative synthetic routes of PU foams utilizing renewable (bio-based) raw-materials for synthesis of polyols and isocyanates and non-isocyanate preparation of PU foams (NIPU). The experimental work will include a synthesis of new types of monomers and PU foams and their structure-related characterization. Degradation behavior of the produced PU foams will be studied with respect to foams’ composition and structure. Biodegradation tests will be carried out in cooperation with Institute for Environmental Studies, Charles University in Prague. The PhD theme is suitable for graduates in Chemistry, especially macromolecular and organic chemistry.
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