Hana Macková, PhD.
TopicHydrophilic thiol-functionalized polymer materials for biomedical applications
AnnotationOrganosulfur compounds, namely thioesters, disulfides and thioethers, are playing an important role in the development of new advanced multi-functional materials for a variety of applications. Because thiol groups afford high reactivity under mild conditions which enables easy preparation of biodegradable and redox-sensitive materials. This topic is focused on their utilization. The aim of this work is to synthetize monomers and hydrophilic polymers which will contain thiol groups by using various techniques e. g. reversible-addition fragmentation chain transfer polymerization. From these precursors, hydrogel materials will be developing. To tune their properties, synthetic pathway will be modified and controlled. Materials will be thoroughly characterized and finally, applied for biomedical purposes such as degradable scaffolds for tissue reconstruction and drug depots, thiol-responsive nanoparticles for drug delivery systems, separation media for protein chromatography, hydrophilic coating or radical scavengers.
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