Daniel Horák, PhD
TopicMagnetic carriers for IMAC
AnnotationThe project is aimed at the preparation of new magnetic carriers with the surface coated by low- or high-molecular-weight compounds containing suitable chelating groups for the immobilization of transition metals. Coating suppresses non-specific interaction of proteins with the magnetic core of the particles, typically magnetite, maghemite, or ferrites. Magnetic core has the size in nano- (< 50 nm), or micrometer (500 nm – 1 µm) range. Compounds selected for coating of magnetic cores will contain both groups facilitating their firm anchoring by chelation binding to the surface of the magnetic oxides and also groups suitable for the immobilization of transition metals (Fe, Ga) necessary for functional interaction with a protein or peptide phosphate (immobilized metal affinity chromatography; IMAC). Manipulation of the carrier by means of a magnet is a qualitative improvement compared with conventional column or batch systems. The new magnetic carriers will make purification of the bacterial proteins possible, which are related to the bacterial virulence and pathogenesis.

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