Richard Laga, PhD
TopicSynthetic polymer vaccines
AnnotationVaccination has gained an unreplaceable possition in the prophylaxis of infectious disseases; an increasing attention acquires even its application in cancer immunotherapy. Safe and efficient vaccine requires using of the immuno-modulatory agents, i.e. adjuvants. The adjuvants stimulate cells of the immune system thereby improving immune response against the vaccine. However, direct application of free adjuvants, together with the vaccine, is limited by their relatively high toxicity, pour solubility in aqueous solutions and lower interaction ability with the cell receptors. Simultaneous attachment of the antigen and the adjuvants to the hydrophilic polymer carrier offers an elegant way how to circumvent these restrictions. Aim of the dissertation will consist in the development of new fully synthetic vaccines for the effective immunization of an organism. The dissertation work will aim at the synthesis and physicochemical characterization of the synthetic polymer-adjuvant-antigen conjugates with respect to their ability to specifically activate the immune system components both in vitro and in vivo. Except the synthesis and chatracterization of the polymer vaccines, the accent will be put on the evaluation of the effect of polymer chain architecture, way of the antigen and adjuvants attachment or effect of active targeting of the conjugates to the immune cells.

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