MS Tomáš Etrych, PhD, DSc.
TopicDelivery systems for treatment and diagnosis of inflamatory deseases
AnnotationInflamatory diseases, e.g., rheumatoid artritis, are still remaining serious problems of contemporary medicine. Classical treatment using low molecular-weight drugs, e.g glucocorticoids, have serious side effects on the healthy tissues. On the contrary, targeted self-assembly micellar, nanoparticle or water-soluble polymers became beneficial drug delivery systems suitable as carriers for various biologically active therapeutics. Moreover, the use of mentioned drug delivery systems enables to improve pharmacokinetics of drug and thus also final therapy outcome. The thesis will be focused on design, synthesis and study of physicochemical properties of self-assembly and water-soluble drug delivery systems containing biologically active drug suitable for effective delivery and stimuli-responsive activation of drug. Studied polymer systems will contain also active molecule suitable for active targeting to the inflamatory place. Knowledge and skills in organic and macromolecular chemistry are expected as well as willingness to improve knowledge in biochemistry. This thesis should be done in terms of "cotutelle" PhD program between czech research center and University Paris-Descartes in France. Moreover, cooperation with biological departments is a part of this project.
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