Jiří Pfleger
TopicPolymer nanocomposites for flexible printed electronics
Annotation"Flexible electronics is based on electronic active components made from semiconductive and conductive polymers that make possible the production of photovoltaic panels, displays, RFID tags and sensors on flexible polymeric substrates by printing technology. The work will be focused on the preparation of nanostructured polymer materials and nanocomposites and study of the relationship between their molecular and supramolecular structure and optical and electrical properties, namely generation and transport of mobile charge carriers in these materials. Theoretical approach based on computer modeling will be combined with experimental research; the preferences may be adjusted according to the background of a student. We assume involving the student in the international cooperation within EU network of excellence. Suitable for students with completed master studies in physical chemistry, polymer and chemical physics and material oriented electro-engineering. "

Otto Wichterle Centre of Polymer Materials and Technologies - CPMTOW

Centre of Biomedicinal Polymers - CBMP

Centre of Polymer Sensors - CPS

Polymers for Power Engineering - Energolab


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