Dr.Adam Strachota, PhD.
TopicNanokompozity s orientovanou fází plniva
Annotation1) Inorganic nanofillers, especially such based on silicates and phosphates, will be synthesized and/or modified in order to prepare nanocomposites with oriented 1D or 2D filler phase. 2) Epoxies, selected vinyl polymers (also acrylics), polypropylene oxide derivatives and polydimethylsiloxane will be tested as matrices. 3) The orientation of the most promising nanocomposite systems will be carried out with the help of strong magnetic fields, in cooperation with Rzeszow University of Technology. The aim is to obtain nanocomposites with highly anisotropic material properties and eventually with the ability of anisotropic stimuli-response. 4) Besides synthesis, rheological properties during nanocomposite formation (gelation behaviour) as well as the thermo-mechanical properties of the final products (DMTA) will be characterized. Further extensive analyses of the products will be carried out by cooperating with other departments of our Institute: especially morphology (TEM, WAXS, SAXS), chemical structure (NMR) and polarization microscopy."

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