Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry

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Topic Self-healing and recyclable polymer materials prepared from bio-based itaconic acid
Supervisor Hynek Beneš, PhD.
Department Polymer Processing
Description Itaconic acid is renewable unsaturated dicarboxylic acid and one of the most important biomass-derived compounds that can be transformed into a wide range of valuable chemicals and polymer materials. The aim of this PhD topic is preparation and characterization of poly(itaconic acid) materials and nanocomposites containing 2D layered nanoparticles. The prepared materials will be dynamically crosslinked via reversible covalent linkages and non-covalent interactions (H-bonding, metal-ligand coordination, host–guest complexation or electrostatic/ionic interactions, thereby introducing self-healing and recyclable properties into the materials. As part of the doctoral project, a student's several-month internship at foreign collaborating workplace (Cracow University of Technology, Poland) is expected. The candidates should have good communication skills in English (both in speaking and writing), should be able to work both in a team and independently. Active participation on foreign internships, trainings and scientific conferences is expected.