Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry

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Topic Crosslinking of biopolymer composites for 3D printing
Supervisor Hynek Beneš, PhD.
Department Polymer Processing
Description FDM 3D printing is currently a rapidly expanding area whose limitations are limiting number of thermoplastic (especially composite) materials suitable for 3D printing, which would have the desired electrical, thermal conductivity and mechanical properties. The aim of the project is to use a functional biopolymer as the curing component of the composite, which enables the shape fixation of the material in the final preparation step (after printing). The project deals with research of i) reaction and process conditions of crosslinking of biopolymers (keratin, chitin and chitosan), ii) preparation of nanofillers (e.g. graphene) in the presence of biopolymers and iii) rheological behavior of biopolymers / nanofillers systems.
The candidates should have good communication skills in English (both in speaking and writing), should be able to work both in a team and independently. Active participation on foreign internships, trainings and scientific conferences is expected.