Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry

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Topic Resins for 3D-printed biocompatible hydrogels
Supervisor Miroslava Dušková Smrčková
Consultant PhD. Dr. Radka Hobzová
Department Polymer Networks and Gels
Description At present, tremendous development of additive manufacturing methods opens new possibilities to create structurally complex 3D objects on small size scale. In tissue engineering, the synthetic biocompatible hydrogels provide excellent milieu for cell culture or serve as implant materials while in both applications, the gels must be precisely built in 3D space and contain connected channels (open pores). By utilization of 3D printing methods, specifically 3D droplet deposition and 3D micro extrusion combined with application of newly synthetized printing resins obtained by advanced synthetic methods, one should be able to create demanded hydrogel objects with high spatial precision. We are seeking enthusiasts to develop computer models of 3D functional hydrogels of complex morphology and transfer these models to printable format and to investigate the printing process with the original printing set-up using in-house designed printing resins. The project is also open to dedicated synthetic chemist who will be responsible for resin design and synthesis. The candidate should be acquainted with the 3D printing processes, CAD and STL formats and/or with chemistry and physics of polymers, and methods of controlled radical polymerization. The work may include chemical synthesis or 3D printing engineering depending on the candidate skills and preference. The candidate should be acquainted with chemistry, physical chemistry and physics of polymers and should have a sufficient knowledge of the physical methods mentioned above.