Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry

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Topic Radiation resistant polymers for dosimetry and space applications
Supervisor Jiří Pánek, PhD
Consultant Martin Hrubý, DSc
Department Supramolecular Polymer Systems
Description The aim of the project is the preparation and testing of radiation-resistant organic polymers usable in water or cosmic environment. The key property of polymers resistant to ionizing and UV radiation is their ability to eliminate free radicals which are created by interactions of radiation with chemical substances. Degradation effects caused by free radicals are usually reduced by addition of low-molecular antidegradants physically admixed into the polymer matrix. The objective of the dissertation is an improvement of polymer matrixes with polymer antidegradants bearing functional groups on macromolecular chains, which enhances their ability to remain in the matrix and protect the polymer for long time (in water or vacuum). The work will be focused on preparation and testing of stabilized polymer materials by physicochemical methods and examining possibilities of their practical use. The topic will be investigated in collaboration with an industrial partner aiming at: 1) production of polymer protective packaging for a new type of clinical dosimeters for measurement; 2) development of polymer materials with sustained light transmittance stability that can be used as external protection of photovoltaic panels on satellite systems.